Chris and Rob
Photographed backstage at Warped Tour
Ventura, California
June, 22, 2014

Photograph by Megan Thompson

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We Are The In Crowd signing- warped tour Ventura

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Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd at Slam Dunk Festival South 2014.

Photo by Sarah Louise Bennett

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jakemaydayp: Mr. @robchianelli just couldn’t wait to put on his “Drummers” crop top from our @5683collective line. I’d say it fits perfectly with his Italian curves. 😜


We Are The In Crowd
June 2014
Chula Vista, CA

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We Are The In Crowd closed out the Warheads stage last night at the Chula Vista, CA stop of the Vans Warped Tour. The band will be signing at the Vans tent in select cities this summer, check out the schedule and don’t miss their set when Warped hits your city. Plus, pick up their recent album Weird Kids at their merch tent on the tour or on iTunes

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens


We made it to the end of the second week of Warped Tour!

This week the tour went through California and every band was excited for the weather, especially in Mountain View. Overcast skies and a nice breeze, it was definitely pants and jean jacket weather. Julian from Air Dubai had some friends visiting in Mountain View and the entire Hopeless team were at both the Pomona and Ventura dates. This week was most definitely a week full of friendship.

Earlier this week we had two off-days and the Air Dubai team set off to Oceanside while We Are The In Crowd went to Disneyland, Neck Deep went to San Diego and Bayside went to Los Angeles. I’m crossing my fingers that on our next off days all four bands are able to be in the same place and we can all have a massive shindig of sorts. Hey universe, make that happen, will ya??

I haven’t been attending the BBQs lately due to the fact that at the end of the day I am swamped, but last night I went with the dudes in Air Dubai and since I didn’t want to lose my phone or carry a purse, I left everything on the bus. I wish I braved the world with my stuff because it was a party worth photographing. Though everyone is exhausted by the time the stages are torn down, it’s as though the smell of BBQ and abundance of friendship is enough to make everyone forget about their tired feet. 

I’m still not sure if late bus calls are my friend or enemy, but bands and crew members alike seem to favor them over early bus calls.

From here on out, I will take my camera everywhere. I mean, what’s the point in telling the story if I don’t have photographs of them, you know?

See you guys next week!



Fil photobombing Rob’s stretching
tuesday; 06.17.14

albuquerque, new mexico

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Happy 27th Birthday Robert Ryan Chianelli,
i hope you have a lovely day.
Thank you for everthing you did for us so far
I wish you all the best for another great year that’s ahead

We love you:)

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